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Hello where are you from?
Where do we go?
Where does we fall on the map?
Hey buddy What's up@f0
shall we fall to the end or fall from the middle@f0
We can get off at the end.
Where are we going@f0
Let's go to the waterfront.
This is the equipment I put on.
There is one in the cafe.
We need to stick together.
We have to go quickly.
Even if you die there, I am not responsible.
Hey! Are you leaving the same team and running away?
The enemy appeared.
There are more enemies.
There's an enemy behind you.
The enemy comes to catch us from behind.
There is an enemy on the second floor.
I need a silencer.
Does anybody have Five point five six milimeters bullets@f0
I'll drive.
Finders are keepers.
The car is causing an trolling. Let's abandon it.
The door's open, so the enemy seems to exist.
Let's share some.
Look around. I don't know where the bullets might come from.
Be careful on the right.
You can see one in the direction of N from here.
Right Ridge
There's a sniper in the 300 degree direction.
Let's go east.
It's safer to lie on your stomach instead of hiding behind a tree.
Do you have any painkillers@f0
Describe the features of the place where the enemy is located.
Help me out.
I got one.
I'm dead
Shall we go into a bunker?
There'll be a lot of people out there.
I'm a good driver, don't you@f0
let's eat all the parts and then let's share each other.
Is there a sniper on our team@f0
Does anyone have a compensator@f0
Does anyone have a tactical stock@f0
I'll deliver it.
Delivery has come.
Do you believe my driving skills?
Is anyone good at driving?
Let's get on a boat from here.
Let's get rid of it and move on.
Let's go after we pick it up here.
Has anyone seen a sniper gun@f0
Has anyone seen a helmet over 2 levels@f0
Don't you need a handle?
Does anyone need an Eight-x scope?
What kind of gun do you like?
I think the enemy's defenses are good.
Even if the enemies were hit a lot, but The enemies are fine.
There may be enemies from behind, so be careful.
Someone shot me.
We should get out.
Don't you think I'm good@f0
I'll go farming and I'll follow you.
Please tell me if you ever find a bag.
I'm going to the roof of building number two.
No one is on the roof of Building 1.
Maybe there's someone nearby.
Did the enemy run away@f0
Get him.
There is an enemy on the hill.
This location is a little vague.
Can I take a car or take a walk@f0
I'll go to the bathroom.
There's a car on the right.
Enemies surround us.
Mr. Michell, you're good.
Why are you so good at this, Michael?
once let's hide here
There are enemies in both houses.
I hear the enemy's footsteps.
Did you pack all the equipment?

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