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Игра Starcraft High-level Battle Cruiser

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Friendly team members were 3 o'clock protoss and 7 o'clock zerg
Doii started at 9 o'clock with terran.
To block the entrance, he sent two scvs at the eighth scv to build the supply depot at the entrance and build the barracks in succession.
Right after the depot was completed at the entrance, he built another Supply depot.
The opponent team was 11 o'clock Zerg, 5 o'clock zerg and 1 o'clock protoss.
Seeing the other proto's early preparation for the Photo cannon, he's planning to make a rich play.
Right after the second Supply was completed at the entrance, he built another Depot, which completely blocked the entrance.
And he cared about not allowing Protoss to build Photon cannon in the center.
In the beginning, we produced only one marine from the barracks.
The opponent quickly built the photon cannon in the center and lost the center.
Next he built three more command centers.
This time, the population was 20 and three minutes after the game started.
He built three gas buildings at the same time in 21scv.
The idea of the initial basic troop combination was a combination of two factories and turrets.
He was planning the Battle Cruiser unit as a follow-up.
To defend Zerg at 11 a.m., he began to build a turret in the upward direction.
It was to place a tank where the turret is located to defend the 11 o'clock Zerg.
He plans to place only eight tanks above.
He then built four starports at once, five minutes and 30 seconds after the game started.
After the completion of four star ports, four additional star ports were constructed and four more gas buildings were constructed.
He also built a Science Facility to produce the Battle Cruiser.
After the completion of the four star ports, four star ports were built again, resulting in a total of twelve star ports.
The important thing is to understand the enemy's troop level and to produce only 8 tanks and defend for 9 minutes after the start of the game.
Instead, he built a lot of turrets on the wall to defend his vulnerability, the drop attack.
About nine minutes later he started producing the Battle Cruiser and the Science Vessel.
To quickly prepare for a follow-up after an attack with Battle Cruiser
He continued to build more than 12 more Starports.
Eleven minutes after the start of the game, 12 battle Cruiser were produced.
He immediately attacked the 11th Zerg with 12 Battle Cruisers.
At 11 o'clock Zerg was attacked elsewhere and was empty house, and 12 Battle Crushers were destroyed at 11 o'clock Zerg.
He then attacked the Protoss at 1 with 20 Battle cruisers and destroyed the Protoss Nexus.
Since then, he has produced only Valkyrie in about 30 star ports.
He used Valkyrie to hunt Mutalisks and Guardians, as well as overloading the Hydra.
He also went to hunt overloads using Valkyrie to prevent the population increase at 5 o'clock.
He used valkyrie to stop the increase in the number of opponent zerg, and then produced a large number of wraiths.
Before the mass production of the wraith, the other team was devastated and all went out.

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