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개그맨 이진호의 농번기랩 감상평

[United States->Korean] comment 0 Search 104 Vote 0 비추천 0 2019-12-19 00:59:43
These days, a comedian named Lee Jin-ho is popular with a song made by himself
He recently made a song named 'the farming season rap' at a TV show called Player and sang it on the air.
His farming season rap made the listener laugh.
The lyrics are as follows.
I wake up at 6 in the morning, feed the dog, feed the cow.
I prepared a meal for my grandmother.
I shake off sesame seeds in the sesame field.
I buy and eat an ice cream called PongDaa when I have spare money.
When the sun goes down, I went straight to bed.
It is the same as above.
What I can feel from singing and facial expressions,
About the complaints of a little boy, who is exhausted of his repetitive hard daily routine
It was funny point that he imply his discomforts of his daily routine with a sullen and stinging tone
The theme of 'Description of the anguish of little life' itself is also funny.
Recently in Korea, Lee Jin-ho hit the jackpot with this song.
The song is based on Lee Jin-ho's childhood experiences.
He also shot a TV commercial with a song similar to this song.
This is Lee Jin-ho, who is using comedians Park Myung-soo and Ji Sang-ryul as his role models.
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