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소음기 벡터 + 소음기 SKS + 엎드려쏴 = 스텔스모드 치킨 영상

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I think I'm gonna need any SR gun
Because the magnetic field has not changed yet
Shall we see and move after the magnetic field changes?
There's a car.
Where's the car?
It's where I am.
It's on pin one.
Two cars are here
Was it over?
I had two kills
Do you happen to have a first aid kit there?
Yes, there are a lot of first aid kits here.
Is there a butt?
There's a three-level bag here.
There's a lot of first aid kit over here.
Then Get some first-aid kits of mine together, please.
Yeah, I'll give it to you later.
I threw a grenade in front of you.
Be careful.
The enemy is heading towards number one.
revive me,please
Oh, How am I supposed to get there again?
There they are. the hill of pin one.
oh,There's an enemy in the back.
Can you revive me?
Do you think we're gonna fight with the first-aid kit?
I don't have any first aid kits anymore now.
We need to know the enemy's position.
Over there!
ah,Good job.
I ate chicken. Chicken.

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