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어리둥절하게 먹은 치킨 - 배그사녹

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Shall we go to Paradise?
Rather, there may be no enemies
Let's go. Let's go.
Yeah. Let's go to the cross-shaped building.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. The enemy falls somewhere else.
About a quarter. Two squats?
Ahhh, There are so many.
Let's go somewhere else.
Let's go somewhere else.?
Aren't you going anywhere else?
Are we all falling apart like this?
If you go to Paradise, you're gonna
We've suddenly become a small house party.
Let's meet again, alive.
There's someone on pin four.
I checked.
Climbing up. Ridge, here.
People in front of me! Fain out!
So this means there's more, right?
Look, there's another one.
You have to come back up.
a house that I looted
Front direction
Who threw the grenade?
It's a big deal if we try to catch him and get caught by both sides
Are we going to run away?
Stick close, First
Yeh? You're going to stick?
We have to stick, Can we do anything else?
We're not out there, we're inside the magnetic field.
It's on pin one!
The enemy comes to me with a smoke screen.
What's Pin number one? Are they other bastards?
Yes, another one!
I've lit a fire.
ahh, Behind you, there are enemies on both sides.
Let's go into the house on the left.
If we go there, we'll die.
They're there.
Come into the inner room.
Oh, No No , son of a bitch, vest is all broken.
I don't even have a first-aid kit.
Let's hodl, here
I think the magnetic field is fine.
Wow, We're inside the magnetic field.
But we have to climb the ridge
We have to go up anyway
Shall we go up in advance?
Shall we take the house up here?
Let's take over the house above us.
The enemy came in
The enemy came in on the other side of the house
Take some medicine
I think it's better to hodl here.
,not shoot as long as we can.
Can I get you a drink?
I have one one drink. first one : painkiller , second one : drink
We're in the magnetic field again.
I'm sure they'll come in to take over the house.
You're supposed to take care of one side?
I'll look this way. You look that way.
There's one in five directions, one in pin one.
The enemy is running.
He's gonna come up here. Probably.
We have to go up.
Let's do full doping for now.
Don't kill him!
I didn't throw it.
I think it is grouped into two, two, and one person
Not three to two.
There's two of us.
Ah~ Here it is. He's on the wall.
Kill, you killed him.
Ah, I didn't kill him.
Oops, someone else killed him. by grenade
Oh, two to one. If I save you
The guy who just threw the grenade, he threw it from above.
Yeah. He threw it from the top. 125 degrees.
ghillie up there,up there,up there
Over here, over here, over me.
Oh, he came , he came
Ah, Good job.
We did really well this round together

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어리둥절하게 먹은 치킨 영어 설명 

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