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[etc] 노인과 바다 3 (50문장)

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But I will see something that he cannot see, such as a bird working.
and I will make him come out after dolphins.
Are his eyes that bad?
He is almost blind.
It is strange, said the old man.
He never went hunting turtles.
That is what kills the eyes.
But you went hunting turtles for years off the Mosquito Coast.
And your eyes are good.
I am a strange old man.
But are you strong enough now for a truly big fish?
I think so. There are many tricks.
Let us take the things home, said the boy
So I Can get the casting net and go after the sardines.
They picked up the gear from the boat.
The old man carried the mast on his shoulder.
The boy carried the wooden box with the coiled, hard-braided brown lines, the gaff and the harpoon with its shaft.
the box with the baits was under the stern of the boat along with the club that used to beat the big fish when they were brought alongside.
No one would steal from the old man.
but it was better to take the sail and the heavy lines home, because the dew was bad
The old man was quite sure no local people would steal from him,
but he thought it was not a good idea to leave a gaff and a harpoon in a boat.
They walked up the road together to the old man's hut and went in through its open door.
The old man leaned the mast with its wrapped sail against the wall.
The boy put the box and the other gear beside it.
The mast was nearly as long as the one room of the hut.
The hut was made of the tough bud shields of the royal palm which are called guano.
There was a bed, a table , one chair , and a place on the dirt floor to cook with charcoal in it.
There was a picture in color of the Sacred heart of Jesus and another of the Virgin of Cobre on the brown walls of the flattened,overlapping leaves of the sturdy fibered guano.
These were relics of his wife.
Once, there had been a tinted photograph of his wife on the wall.
But he had taken it down, because it made him too lonely to see it.
Now it was on the shelf in the corner under his clean shirt.
What do you have to eat@f0 Asked the boy
A pot of yellow rice with fish, said the old man. Do you want some@f0
No, I will eat at home. Do you want me to make the fire@f0
No. I will make it later on. Or I may eat the rice cold.
May I take the casting net@f0 Of course
There was no casting net in the hut.
The boy remembered when they had sold it.
But they went through this fiction every day.
There was no pot of yellow rice and fish and the boy knew this too.
Eighty-five is a lucky number, said the old man.
Do you want to see if I bring one in that dressed out over a thousand pounds@f0
I am going to get the casting net and go for some sardines, said the boy.
Will you sit in the sun in the doorway@f0
Yes. I have yesterday's paper, and I will read the baseball.
The boy didn't know whether yesterday's paper was a fiction too.
But the old man brought it out from under the bed.
Pedrico gave it to me at the pub, he explained.
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