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버스에서 영어로 아는척 안내하기

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If you don't tap your card on the terminal while getting off
Additional charges will be charged on the next ride.
Children and teenagers should receive a discount using a registered prepaid transportation card.
please be seated while the vehicle is in motion.
Please hold the handle firmly when standing.
Passengers,when you get on and off,
jaywalking before and after the bus leads to an accident, so let's take a crosswalk.
In the event of an emergency such as a traffic accident or fire
please escape from the car in accordance with the crew's instructions and act promptly.
If the door does not open on escape,
You can open the door by manually turning the switch installed next to it.
If evacuation is difficult through the front door,
Using the emergency hammer installed in the front and rear window frames of the bus,
After smashing the window corners,
Please pay attention to follow-up vehicles and evacuate to safety zone.
When escaping, help the elderly, children, and women to escape first.
In the event of a fire, use fire extinguishers placed in front and rear of the vehicle.
After pulling out the safety pin with the wind at your back
Please help suppress the fire by pointing the nozzle to the fire and pressing the handle.
In the event of an accident inside the tunnel,
Please follow the instructions of the crew to evacuate to an outside safety zone along the emergency guide light.
, Press an emergency bell to notify the occurrence of an accident
, Please call 112 or 119 using your mobile phone.
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외국인들이 버스 안내 방송이 무슨말인지 물어보면 아는척하며 안내해줄때 쓰는 영어 문장입니다.


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