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[United States->Korean] comment 0 Search 608 Vote 0 비추천 0 2019-03-10 12:07:11
Plot Twist : the cat defeats Thanos in End Game
I can't really describe why,
but she is the first Marvel hero I find irritating.
Finally saw grandma getting punched on bigscreen
That’s pretty accurate to what happens when you hit an old lady.
So in The Avengers movie,
Nick Fury lied that he was building weapons of mass destruction because of Thor a visitor from outer space
,whereas in Captain Marvel
, he already knows about the existence of extra terrestrials.
smart guy Nick Fury.
I just watched captain marvel and i honestly loved it
i dont know why people hate on her..was it just me?
Honestly if Captain Marvel had come in every single MCU movie
each movie would only be 5 minutes
So, I guess that's how Fury lost his eye
They had to prioritize clearing up all the hate on skrulls
Started slow but picked up pace in the middle right to the end.
I agree about the acting but the story line made up for it.
It's a good prelude to Avengers 4.
I suspect this like/dislike ratio has been tampered with.
She is definitely a strong woman
, who else would be willing to take the blame of “FALL OF THE MCU” title
I know a lot of people have said it’s bad so please don’t be mean.
my opinion is that the film was actually quite good and I was entertained by it
someone needs to explain this movies broken feminist logic.
She gets her power from a infinity stone and she’s apparently invincible.
Thanos has all 6.
Thanos apparently should be terrified of her.
Can someone explain this nonsense?
if you’ve been following Captain Marvel news
you already know that Goose isn’t your regular cat.
That means it’s not about to spit a hairball in the following clip.
Instead, she struggles to cough up a Tesseract from her mouth, before dropping it on Fury’s desk.
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