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[etc] 노인과 바다 1 (50문장)

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He was an old man.
He used to fish alone in a tiny boat in the Gulf Stream.
Eighty-four days had passed, but he had not catch a single fish.
In the first forty days, he was accompanied by a boy.
After forty days, however, when the old man could not catch a single fish,
the boy's parents told hime that the old man was definitely unlucky.
So the boy was forced to follow hims parents' orders and took another boat.
Then he caught three good fish during the first week.
The boy felt so sad when he saw the old man come in each day with his tiny boat empty.
So he always went down to help him carry either the coiled lines or the gaff and harpoon and the sail that was furled around the mast.
as the sail was patched with flour sacks,
it looked like the flag of constant defeat when it was furled.
The old man was thin and lean with deep wrinkles in the back of his neck.
On his cheeks, there were some brown blotches of the skin cancer caused by the sun's reflection on the tropical ocean.
His hands had the deep-creased scars from handling the heavy fish on the cords.
But non of these scars were fresh.
Everything about him was old except his eyes.
However, they were the same color as the sea and were cheerful and undefeated.
Santiago, I want to go with you again,
the boy said to him, as they climbed the bank where the tiny boat was hauled up.
I could go with you again.We've made some money.
The old man had tought the boy how to fish, and the boy loved him very much.
No, said the old man.
You're with a lucky boat.Stay with them.
But don't forget how you went eight-seven days without fish,and then we caught big ones every day for three weeks.
I won't forget it,said the old man.
I know you didn't leave me because you don't believe in me.
It was Papa who mad me leave, said the boy.
I had to obey him because I am his boy after all.
I know well, said the old man.
It is not strange.
My papa hasn't much faith.
No. said the old man. But we have, haven't we@f0
Of course we have, said the boy.
Can I treat you to a beer on the Terrace before we take the stuff home@f0
Why not@f0 Said the old man.
Let's drink between fishermen.
They sat on the Terrace.
Many of the fishermen made fun of the old man.
But he was not angry.
Others looked at him and were sad, but they didn't show it.
Instead, they spoke politely about the current and the depths that they had drifted their lines at and the steady good weather and of what they had seen.
The successful fishermen of that day were already in.
They had cut their marlin out and carried them to the fish house.
They waited for the ice truck to carry them to the market in Havana.
Those who had caught sharks had taken them to the shark factory on the other side of the small bay.
Then they were lifted on a block and tackle,
their livers removed, their fins cut off and their hides skinned out and their flesh cut into strips for salting.
When the wind was in the east,
a smell came across the harbor from the shark factory.
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