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Chơi bom hạt nhân của người dùng Starcraft cấp cao

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Friendly team members were 3 o'clock terran and 7 o'clock terran.
DOii started at 1 o'clock with terran.
The other team was 11 o'clock ZERG AND 5 o'clock PROTOSS.
This is the order of the build.
he Builds a depot on 8 SCV.
he Builds a Barracks on 8 SCV.
He goes scouting with the scv that completed the depot construction.
He built an additional barrack at 11scv.
He built an additional 3 barracks at 12scv.
He built gas at 17scv.
I built an academy on 19 scv and added an additional depot.
Two minutes and 30 seconds after the start of the game, the team will start attacking the Terran at 9 o'clock with three Marines.
He was aiming for the Early point of game after confirming that the opponent team, the 5 o'clock protoss, was a tech-oriented build order aimed at the Mid-point of the game.
As the whole team attacked with the Marine, Doi built two additional barracks.
Marine continued to attack and built an engineering bay.
Five minutes after the game started, the engineering bay was completed and the turret, a detection building, was built right next to the command center and at the entrance.
After shattering Terran at 9 o'clock
Five minutes and 30 seconds after the game started he built an additional command center.
He set up a turret around the base and defended the Dark Templar and the Drop.
Next, he gathered the Medics and Marines and prepared their defenses and attacks.
He blocked the reaver attack of the opposing Protoss with the Marine Medic, and then built three additional command centers.
He also built two more factories at the same time.
Next, he closed the entrance to the barracks, built four star ports and began producing valkyrie.
Doii says that four star ports are enough.
After that, he built an additional factory to become a total of two.
In his scenario, he plans to use a unit of Valkyri to kill all the overload and launch a nuclear attack.
We built four more gas and four more depot each with a 4-scv.
Some tanks from three factories were used to protect the entrance.
He also built four Armory and faithfully upgraded them.
The Valkyrie troops were also used to defend the High Templer drop.
He carried two ghosts on a dropship and began a nuclear attack under the escort of the Valkyri.
In the case of the Zerg, all the overloads were killed by upgraded 12 Valkyries
He immediately broke the main building of the enemy at a single cast with two nuclear with a clocking ghost drop in the center of the Zug base.
However, he kills a large number of hydra then, the second reaver troops that comes in after that gives a lot of damage to the 9 o'clock zerg.
The five o'clock Protoss's nexus was also destroyed in one shot by his ghost drop.
The game was finished with the two squad of the tank, some Goliath, a Marine 1 unit and one squad of Valkyri.
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